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Laboratory Centrifuge

Sri Vaishnav is one among the well sought after name in the industry for distributing high grade quality products which are high on their quality and durability. Now we have laboratory centrifuge from Remi for sale in our firm. We are the authorized dealers of a reputed brand named Remi. Laboratory Centrifuge is a laboratory equipment which is driven by a motor. This Laboratory centrifuge works on the principle of sedimentation principle. This centrifuge equipment spins the liquid at high speeds. Sri Vaishnav has this high quality laboratory centrifuge in market’s best price.

Features of Laboratory Centrifuge
1. Flexible and Efficient
2. Fast Processing
3. Repeatability
4. Unmatched rotor selection
5. High Performance

Medical Centrifuge

Medical Centrifuge is an equipment which is used to separate two components with the centrifugal force. Sri Vaishnav is the authorized dealers of reputed brand named Remi. We are the authorized dealers of Remi brand products which manufactures the best quality products which has long service and works effectively. This Medical Centrifuge is used in hospitals and laboratories in order to test blood samples. This equipment is driven by an electric motor and rotates around its axial axis. And this is the essential equipment which is used in laboratories.

Features of Medical Centrifuge
1. Efficiency
2. Fast Processing
3. Quality output
4. Durability
5. Flexible process