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Biological Microscope


Sri Vaishnav is a well known firm for producing wide range of products. Here we produce high quality products which is made with high grade material. Now we have Biological Microscope CH20i for sale in our wide product range. This Biological Microscope comes with aluminium die-cast body with all critical movements. Our Biological Microscope gives smooth and precise performance. Our Microscope has rack and pinion condenser holder and 20 mm focus range and 0.25 mm focus rotation. This biological microscope coms with camera attachment and in binocular and trinocular versions.

Features of Biological Microscope CH20i
1. Anti fungus optics
2. Optics with multi layer coating
3. Easily Interchangeable objectives
4. Main operation controls within easy reach
5. Choice of halogen, LED Illumination& Battery Backup
6. Optimisation of illumination with aspheric lenses
7. Available in Both Binocular and trinocular versions.

    MLX B Plus

    Magnus is one such a brands which is terrific in terms of quality and performance. Sri Vaishnav is the authorised dealer of Magnus microscopes. We are well known for the quality of products we produce and supply to our customers. Now we have MLX B Plus for sale in our firm. This Magnus MLX Plus is manufactured with fine grade material and has long durability. Again this MLX B Plus is also comes with aluminium die cast body and does a smooth and precise work. This MLX B Plus has double layer mechanical stage and digital camera system attached to it. And this MLX B Plus has simple polarizing attachment.

    Features of MLX B Plus
    1. Parfocal and centred strain free optics
    2. Optics with multi layer coating
    3. Choice of halogen and LED illumination
    4. Easy access for lamp replacement
    5. Anti fungus treatment

Biological Microscope